Trust is the foundation of every relationship. Confidence is being convinced that someone will be able and willing to act appropriately in a certain situation. It is believing that everything will turn out the way you expect and want.

Trust implies hope and security in a situation or in ourselves. And this, exactly, is the basis of the relationship with our clients because they know that they will always obtain neither more nor less than what they need.

It has not been easy to reach this balance. The two founding partners of Mercury brokers have more than 50 years of experience in three areas within the insurance sector: transportation insurance, credit and surety bonds, and savings and investment insurance.

We provide a professional response to the coverage of the innumerable risks that companies are exposed to on a daily basis. At Mercury Insurance Brokers SL we are at the forefront of business insurance. We have agreements with the main companies in the market, which allows us to offer different insurance solutions adapted to the needs of each client.

The logistics sector requires meeting strong compromises in terms of delivery timesas well as the good conditions of the cargo, especially when we talk about perishable products.

At Mercury Insurance Brokers SL we are specialists in credit insurance and surety bonds. We have the benefit of more than 15 years of experience.

At Mercury Insurance Brokers we can help you to organise and plan your finances according to your specific needs, both professionally as well as personally.

We’ll take care of you


Main insurance

Business Insurance

Comprehensive coverage for small and medium-sized businesses, specifically designed to protect your company and employees.

We insure all types of Civil Liability: Professional, General, Construction, Civil Liability for managers and administrators, and many more.

Cargo Insurance

Whether you are the owner of the merchandise, the vehicle or both, we have solutions that cover both national and international expeditions.

Air transport is the fastest of all the modalities, however, it is also the most demanding with the quality of the product and the delivery terms.

Credit Insurance and Surety Bonds

Mercury Insurance Brokers SL works with the leading credit insurance companies. We offer companies an insurance solution that protects against the costs and problems that arise from the non-payment of their commercial invoices.

Surety bonds guarantee the Insured Party (Beneficiary) compensation for damages that may be caused by the incompletion, by the Contractor (Policyholder), of a legal or contractual obligation.