Cargo Insurance

Having more than 15 years of experience in the transportation sector, we understand the needs of our clients. The logistics sector requires meeting strong compromises in terms of delivery times, as well as the good conditions of the cargo, especially when we talk about perishable products. This makes this sector of the economy subject to significant risks. From Mercury Insurance Brokers S.L. We give our knowlege to protect our clients from possible risks that may occur along the supply chain

Land transport

During land transport, we expose both the vehicle and the goods to many risks. Whether you are the owner of the merchandise, the vehicle or both, we have solutions that cover both national and international expeditions.

Maritime transport

Is the main international transport, and being exposed to multiple risks during the journeys. International legislation protects shipping lines against the interests of cargo owners, who bear most of the risks in their shipments. It is important to have an expert team that can protect your business.

Air transport

Air transport is the fastest of all the modalities, however, it is also the most demanding with the quality of the product and the delivery terms. Given the high value of this modality, it is important to protect your business against possible damages or delays.


Aviation insurance covers aircraft and airport operators. It contains coverage for material and personal damage, as well as civil liability that may arise from airport operations.


This modality protects for claims from third parties for damage caused by a boat. It is the perfect complement to hull policies that serve to protect ship-owners or skippers from their obligations to third parties in case of accidents

Fishing ship

The objective of insuring fishing ships is to cover the risks to which the owners of the vessels are exposed, since the fishing activity is not free of risks. These insurances have extensive coverage that includes the crew to guarantee the protection of all members of the ship


Carriers expose their main investment, which is their truck, to multiple risks. Whether in motion or parked, multiple dangers may arise that can affect the vehicle, so protecting well this is protecting your business